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  • Use Cases

    This assembly is a central electrical ciruit board equipped with MTCON Power Elements. It is designed for reliability, ultimate performance and longevity under toughest conditions in construction machinery (in this application: a cold milling machine).

    Power Tower


    Power connection element available in various construction types (external an internal thread M3-M12; RadSok compatible)

    In this picture: MTCON Power Tower M10

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    Power Protector


    Protection from short cirucit by touch of the the cable lugs connected to the juxtaposed Power Elements.
    In this picture: MTCON Power Protector for MTCON Power Tower M6 & M8.

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    Power Edge


    Two angled power elements at defined distance for mechanical electrical connection of high-power relay to circuit board.

    In this picture: MTCON Power Edge M8

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    Fuse Holder


    Available for all commercial fuses (ATO, Mini, Maxi).

    In this picture: MTCON Maxi Fuse Holder

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    JPT Connector


    Large selection of press-fit board-to-wire connectors for combination with all commercially available connector products.

    In this picture: MTCON JPT series connector compatible with TE products.

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