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    April 2020




    Production up and running

    MTCON is committed to supporting you in the best possible manner in this difficult time. We are glad to tell you that we are maintaining standard production capacity and ensuring availability of all our power elements and connectors.


    Stable supply chain

    We are proud of our sustainable regional supply chain management: All our proven, reliable supply partners operate exclusively in Germany resp. Europe. We know how hard they are all working, and we are grateful for their continued support. This puts us in a position now to offer you optimum delivery services.


    Fast delivery

    We have established new transport alternatives for you, to also uphold our reliable fast overnight delivery services for our products.


    We are here for you!

    In case of questions or problems, please contact us: Our Sales-Support/our customer hotline is up and running and available to you during standard business hours at tel. +49 7940 9899980 and

    February 2020

    MTCON presents innovative new press-fit power element for demanding circuit-board applications

    MTCON presents innovative new press-fit power element for demanding circuit-board applications


    Power Crown: Minimum warming, maximum robustness

    • MTCON develops new power element for reliable, highly robust circuit-board connections in high power, high temperature, and endurance applications.
    • Power Crown features small size, robust press-fit technology, and spring supported vibration compensation.
    • In tests, Power Crown demonstrates minimum warming, maximum microvibration resistance, and very low contact resistance.


    Niedernhall, Germany, February 26, 2020 – MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb (MTCON) introduces another innovative circuit-board power element for demanding applications. Crown-shaped Power Crown combines press-fit stability and robustness with the flexibility and compensation strength of power transmitting springs. Tests performed in custsomer applications have demonstrated market-leading low warming at high current, extremely low contact resistance, and maximum microvibration resistance.

    Power Crown was developed specifically for high power, high temperature, and endurance applications, where other connectors tend to overheat or succumb to hard shocks and vibrations. Both effects will compromise the power connection’s quality and performance. MTCON Power Crown is a cost-attractive high-perfromance alternative.

    MTCON Power Crown enables maximum current-board design flexibility. It features a very small footprint and can be equipped alternatively with one or two spiral springs to match individual power and load requirements. The springs ensure maximum shock and microvibration balance. This allows circuit-board designers to enable the transmission of large amounts of power without having to change component size.


    "In customer tests, our Power Crown had to perform in extremely tough conditions, because we wanted to see how hot it gets in relation to current and time", says Mario Tolj, Managing Director of MTCON. "In these tests the Power Crown demonstrated minimum warming even at high continuous power. One spiral can transmit 170 Amp. Two spirals can transmit as much as 250 Amp with extremely low contact resistance.” MTCON will present the test results in a White Paper.

    Additional information on MTCON's high power/high voltage power elements at

    High res picture material can be downloaded from the press kit.


    January 2020

    Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) acquires a stake in MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb (MTCON)

    MTCON and Sensor-Technik Wiedemann pool press-fit expertise in power elements, components & assemblies


    New high-performance mobile machinery assemblies

    • Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) acquires a stake in MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb (MTCON).
    • MTCON brings connector and power element development & product expertise to the cooperation. STW contributes production competence.
    • MTCON expands press-fit portfolio with modern 2nd generation connectors.


    Niedernhall, Germany, January 22, 2020 – MTCONNECTIVITY power2pcb (MTCON) welcomes a new stakeholder: Since end of 2019, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) has acquired a stake in the successful power element specialist. By pooling their core competencies both companies will develop, produce and market high performance mobile machinery circuit-board components & assemblies, with even more speed, efficiency, and cost advantages for their customers.

    MTCON brings the proven MTCON power element and connector portfolio to the cooperation, together with their long press-fit, injection molding, and connectivity expertise, and their ample know-how in the design and development of high-performance connectors and circuit boards. STW has an extensive track record in the production and development of electronic assemblies for mobile machinery. MTCON will integrate the complete STW connector family into the MTCON portfolio, for worldwide distribution to international customer in the mobile machinery markets.

    "We have been enjoying a very successful cooperation with MTCON for several years now", says Wolfgang Dengler, COO of STW GmbH. "We are using MTCON products and expertise to support our customers in the development and production of mobile machinery with innovative digitalization, automation and electrification solutions. With our share in MTCON we are intensifying our cooperation, with the clear mission to even better translate our mobile machinery customers' demanding electronics requirements into highly efficient, powerful, sustainable solutions."

    "STW's stake in MTCON is a great acknowledgement of our corporate success and products", says Mario Tolj, Managing Director of MTCON. "We are excited to further grow our international product portfolio with the complete STW connector family. Now, in addition to our high-performance press-fit relays bases, fuse bases, and connectors, our customers can also purchase innovative board-to-wire connectors and next generation 2nd Gen products from us. I am especially happy to welcome back many parts formerly designed and constructed by me, which are now coming "home" to us with the STW products, to further enrich our MTCON portfolio."

    Additional information on MTCON's high power/high voltage power elements at Information on Sensor-Technik Wiedemann at

    High res picture material can be downloaded from the press kit.


    December 2019

    High voltage Power Distribution boards for FAUN's H2 Fuel Cell Garbage Collection Trucks

    Silent, emission-free, innovative

    They are real power horses, FAUN Umwelttechnik's modern garbage trucks. The company features a great variety of efficient, sustainable garbage vehicles. As FAUN engineers and designers are always integrating additional improvements, for users and the environment alike, they are now bringing tomorrow's garbage vehicle to the road: The new FAUN refuse collection vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell for even cleaner, more silent and more environmentally friendly garbage collection. Performance of the new vehicles is enabled by high voltage power distribution boards which were developed by switching solution expert TE / Kissling in cooperation with high power contact specialist MTCON.

    In the new FAUN vehicle prototypes powerful hydrogen fuel cells produce power directly on board which is stored in innovative lithium ion batteries. The vehicle’s two electric motors feature a total of 260 kW continuous power. This is enough battery-electric power for collecting two times ten tons of garbage, with a 40 minute quick charge. The fuel cells and tanks further increase the vehicle's reach. This saves up to 40 percent energy. Vehicle operation is free of CO2 and NOx, with significantly reduced particulates. In addition to their enormous environmental friendliness the new vehicles feature additional advantages: thanks to their silent operation they enable night tours without disturbing residents or traffic. They are also permitted in green zones where traditional combustion engines are banned. First prototypes are already in operation.

    Combined expertise for success

    For ensuring reliable high power performance, the vehicles use special high voltage electronic boards developed by switching solution expert TE / Kissling with components and expertise of high power specialist MTCON. Three of these boards are integrated in the hydrogen fuel cell garbage truck. Each board enables an output of up to 1,000 kWh.

    "We have been successfully working with MTCON for many years", says Karl Steimle, Head of Development at TE / Kissling. "MTCON brings many years of process and technology expertise to our product design and production optimization. The fully integrated, high-performance electronic boards that we developed with MTCON for FAUN are an intelligent combination of our TE/ Kissling Relays with MTCON's Power Elements and additional high-performance components. These high power/high voltage boards save space and feature ultimate reliability over the vehicle's complete life. Thanks to our special design the circuit board also acts as heat sink."

    "At MTCON we support our partners with our development expertise in the implementation of their own electronic modules for their customers' circuit board power issues", says Mario Tolj, Managing Director of MTCON. "Working together with TE / Kissling in the prototype phase of this exciting FAUN program was a great experience for us. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are important for the future of mobility. With our products and technologies we make them even more efficient."

    High res picture material can be downloaded from the press kit.

    Information on TE / Kissling at, on FAUN Umwelttechnik at

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