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    We offer you in usual MTCON quality our additional service in several areas for your company.

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    If required, we can offer you a structured sampling process for series components in the automotive environment. With us at your side, you get everything from a single source.

    After consultation, we will provide you with a PPAP sampling procedure for our products.

    First sample test report

    First sample test report Service of MTCON:

    • Standard according to template level 1
    • other template levels on request 
    • Measurement report 
    • material test certificate 3.1
    • Surface protocol 
    • On request, we can also provide you with additional quality documentation


    We offer you IMDS material data sheet entry. Each Material Data Sheet (MDS) contains relevant data on the material composition of a specific component, semi-finished product, material and pure substance, i.e. an overview of all materials and proportionate material components used in the manufacturing process.

    The collected data supports automotive manufacturers in their task of summarizing and analyzing all data from material data sheets, components, assemblies, subassemblies and a complete vehicle.


    Layout recommendation

    With high quality we offer you support for your PCB design. When designing PCBs, layouts, many things are to be considered anyway basically and we help you in particular in relation to the one design of our products. With advice and action we are at your side, according to your goals in terms of quality, reliability and longevity and cost reduction for your application.


    DXF data

    We provide layout templates for our MTCON products.


    3D data

    We are happy to provide you with 3-D data (step, iges) for the implementation of our products in your assembly.


    Client drawing

    For MTCON products far away from the standard we create customer specific data sheets as well as drawings.



    The autonomous INSPEKTO S70 image processing system, based on artificial intelligence, enables even faster, computer-aided and high-quality inspection for a specific product group in the connector sector and, in the future, of all MTCON connectors.

    Unlike other image processing solutions in quality assurance, INSPEKTO S70 is a stand-alone, fully configured industrial device that has been integrated into the MTCON production line where it automatically inspects MTCON connectors. For this purpose, the device uses innovative AMV-AI (autonomous machine vision-based AI) technology.

    For MTCON customers, the new quality assurance with INSPEKTO S70 means 100% AI-tested, product quality.

    The new INSPEKTO S70 quality inspection is performed at no additional cost to MTCON customers.


    You want to optimize your production processes and store our products practically, MTCON helps you. Overproduction is avoided, MTCON products are always available, faster production lead times

    • Shorter and more precise delivery times
    • Higher stock turnover rate
    • Accurate planning
    • Space saving storage

    Blister tapes

    Blister Tapes are precise feeding systems. Keep sensitive components like electronic and SMD components clean, dry and perfectly protected in cusomized packages. A packing system consists of a blister tape, a matching reel, and a cover sheet. All individual components are customized and combined to customer requirements by our experts. 

    • Integration into automated production
    • Precise positioningin the production process
    • Clean, easy storage, automated assembly and processing 


    Vacuum packaging features essential benefits, e.g. improved protection, storage, transport of packaged products, including maximum scratch and oxidation protection of the SMD coating. Vacuumization enables space-saving packaging of bulkgoods. Packaging is ESD protected.

    • Over 6 months durability
    • Elektrostatic protection, maximum transport protection
    • On demand also available for small and large batches


    Reels are perfect for reusable transport systems. They are available in various widths and diameters for different feeder systems. The reels are usually made from antistic polystyrol, depending on the applications. Reels are packaged in sturdy cardboards boxes.

    • Matched to standars reel sizes
    • Transport-proof
    • Dirt repellent
    • Stackable 
    • 100% recycable 

    Safe Pin

    The safe pin are a proprietary development and perfectly tailored to work with our power elements. They prevent the fine pins from being damaged during storage or transport.

    • Different sizes
    • Can be combined with all MTCON power elements 
    • Best possible protection when combined with our resuable packaging 
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