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    MTCON is not just high performance state-of-the art products and technologies. We also go the extra mile to offer you a wide range of outstanding expert services -  all the way from design to aftersales. How can we help you?

    Our additional product, process, and quality services for you!


    For all your beyond-standard requirements, we offer a structured sampling process for customizing components to your specific application. Following automotive standards. With PPAP sampling for our MTCON products. Single-source.

    First sample test report / EMPB

    MTCON First Sample Test Report / EMPB:

    • Standard acc. submission stage 1
    • Additional submission stages on request 
    • Measurement report 
    • Material test certificate 3.1
    • Surface protocol 
    • Additional quality documentation on request


    IMDS material data sheet entry: Each Material Data Sheet (MDS) contains relevant material composition data of the respective part, semi-finished part, material, and pure substance, i.e. an overview of all materials and proportionate material components used over the complete manufacturing process.

    The collected data supports automotive manufacturers in summarizing and analyzing all data from material data sheets, components, assemblies, subassemblies and complete vehicle.

    PCB Design & Layout

    Our PCB Power experts are happy to support you in your PCB design. We help you with the layout basics and, of course, we help you with high-performance integration of our MTCON products in your PCB design. We are right at your side, with expert advice and hand-on implementation, to ensure that all quality, reliability, longevity, and cost reduction goals in your application can be met.

    DXF Data

    We provide layout templates for our MTCON products.

    3D Data

    We provide you with 3D data (step, iges) for integration of our MTCON products into your assembly.

    Customized Client Data Sheets & Drawings

    For customized MTCON products we create customer specific data sheets and drawings.

    Automated Quality Assurance

    We use an INSPEKTO S70 image processing system with integrated artificial intelligence as integral part of our MTCON' production line, for even faster, computer-aided, fully automated, high-quality inspection of specific MTCON connectors. Performed at no additional cost to MTCON customers.


    With our Kanban service, you always have just the right amount of MTCON product at hand, to help you optimize your production & storage processes, avoid overproduction, and speed up production lead times.

    • Shorter, super precise delivery times
    • Higher stock turnover rates
    • Ultimate planning precision
    • Reduced storage space

    Blister Tapes

    Blister Tape is a precise feeding system which features ultimate protection of sensitive components, i.e. electronic and SMD components by keeping them clean & dry and fully oriented in a customized package. A full packing system consists of blister tape, matching reel, and cover sheet. All individual components are customized and matched by our experts to the meet the individual component's requirements. 

    • Fully automation-ready
    • Precise positioning for mounting
    • Clean, fully oriented, fully automated mounting & further processing 

    Vacuum Packaging

    Vacuumization features essential benefits, e.g. improved durability, storage, transport of packaged goods, including maximum scratch & oxidation protection of the SMD coating. Saves packaging space. ESD protected.

    • Durability > 6 months
    • Electrostatic protection, maximum transport protection
    • Also available for small or large batches (on demand)


    Reels are reusable transport systems, available in various widths & diameters for different feeder systems. Usually made from antistatic polystyrol, depending on the applications. Come in sturdy cardboards boxes.

    • Matched to meet standard reel sizes
    • Transport safe
    • Dirt repellent
    • Stackable 
    • 100% recycable 

    MTCON Safe Pins

    Our proprietary MTCON Safe Pins are designed to perfectly protect our MTCON Power Elements from damage during storage or transport.

    • Available in different sizes
    • Can be combined with all MTCON Power Elements 
    • Ultimate protection in combination with MTCON Reusable Packaging 
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